Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hunting season is winding down.

By all accounts,it has been a pretty good hunting season this year. There were lots of ducks and geese to keep everyone who was out there into some good shooting.The moose hunt was a great success for most hunters lucky enough to draw a tag.There were several nice bulls shot in our area. The deer hunt this year was considered a great success for most hunters who participated.Although we took a couple of smaller bucks,a seven point and a nice little eight,we couldn't quite connect on those big one's we were chasing around the last week of the season. Kenny had a beautiful ten point buck with ivory tips on his horns walk out behind him and was gone before he could get the shot. Duane,from Fredericton,joined us on the last week to try to take a huge buck whose weight would be over 250 lbs. dressed. He was in the right place,but again, the big buck got by him and was gone before he could get the shot .It was right at dark and the light was very poor,so I guess he had a pretty good excuse. The rut was late again this year and a lot of the really big bucks survived another year simply because they wern't fevered up and travelling around very much. All the biggest bucks were just getting going good when the season ended.All our areas were showing heavy buck activity in the week after the season ended.This bodes well for next season as we were hunting about a dozen really big bucks that survived the hunting season. The photo for this post is from one of the areas we hunt that is known to hold bucks with a lot of mass . Kenney and Jamie were out for a rabbit hunt and managed to bag an even dozen as well as two grouse.The rabbit population is high this year,so it's not a problem to get a bunch of them. This is great fun and you don't need a dog because there are so many of them. So there are some good hunts to be had yet for those who still want to get out before we settle into some serious ice fishing on Grand Lake!

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