Wednesday, July 30, 2008

City boy does good in the Country!

We have been getting a nice mix of weather lately,with enough rain to keep water levels up and the temperature cool enough to keep the fish biting.We have had some great day's on the water lately.I had the pleasure of guiding Art Barthe of Hamilton,Ontario and his lovely girl-friend,Liz the other day and Art showed his fishing prowess under trying conditiond. We had a recent raise of water and sometimes when fishing pickerel in these conditions,they can be difficult to hook.But Art rose to the occasion,as can be seen in the photo in this post. He lost a couple of other fish right at the boat before a monster broke him off and took all his terminal tackle. I got him rigged up and going and we finished out the day with a couple more hook-ups before packing it in. Liz really enjoyed the boat ride and was fascinated with the amount of wildlife she was seeing.I have guided Art a couple of times previously,once with his son,and we have always done well hooking and releasing large pickerel in Salmon River. Art and Liz only stayed in the area for a short time because he had family commitments and he wanted to show Liz some of the attractions down here on the east coast. But Art assured me he would be back again soon and he promised he would be making some more time for the great fishing we have in our area.Hope to see you again soon Art and Liz! Any readers wanting a day or week on the water,just give me a call. I can just about guarantee you will have some great fishing! Tight Lines.

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