Monday, April 30, 2007

Good salmon fishing on the Miramichi

Last week saw some great fishing on the Miramichi River. Locals and American Sports alike were hooking fish on a regular basis from Wednesday on after the raise of water and the ice up river had run. There are some nice salmon in the 30" to 38" range being hooked on each outing.The weather has been rather cold,but that isn't necessarily a bad thing as far as fishing goes. The salmon will stay put until the water starts to warm up and until then you can expect good, consistent fishing. All sports had better make sure to dress warmly and include rain gear when you pack because it can get quite chilly out there! With the rather late start to the spring fishery this year,we are expecting good fishing right into the middle of May.Leroy A.,a local guide,caught a nice 18" brook trout on the week-end,but had to let it go because of the May1st opener. Oh well,maybe next time. Allen D.,friend and guide,is seen in the photo landing a nice grilse. Allen released this fish to fight another day. All in all,it has been a pretty good start to the season and we hope to see you out there fishing the great Atlantic salmon and experiencing the Miramichi River and all it's splendour!

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