Sunday, April 22, 2007

Still lots of ice in the main SW Miramichi

The first day of spring salmon fishing in the Doaktown area can best be described as unusual. This type of river conditions has not been seen in recent memory for most people. Up river from Doaktown there is still long stretches of water with solid ice and the open water around Doaktown is unusually low. That being said,the fishing wasn't too bad the first day. Many sports caught a few fish with guides who were brave enough to risk breaking props. The fish were laying in the middle of the river because that was the only place there was any water. All week it was the same story,half decent fishing in the morning using small darker colored flies,then raising water with ice running in the afternoon and tough fishing. We are hoping by the middle of this week the water will be a little higher and maybe the ice will let go.At least then the guides and their sports can spread out some on the river.This past week there were sixteen sports crammed into the open water around the bridges at Doaktown and next week there are eighteen scheduled to fish.This can sometimes cause tempers to flair with all the jockying for position.There isn't much point in trying to move around much because there just isn't enough room! Most of the guides were just getting their spot and staying put. There should still be some good fishing in the coming weeks as the fish move down river when the ice moves. So come on down and tie into an Atlantic Salmon! You'll be hooked forever!

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