Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still lots of ice in the Miramichi River

The opening day of April 15th on Sunday is coming right up and there is still lots of ice in the Miramichi. This is kind of a bummer,but you can't argue with Mother Nature. Salmon River is pretty well free of ice,except for the back guts and channels. The weather is supposed to turn wet this week-end and that could cause a raise of water which could move the ice out. To put a positive spin on these circumstances,I like to say it just gives us more time to prepare for our annual trip to Doaktown and the terrific fishing that awaits us on the famous Miramichi. This year we should see a lot more large salmon caught as there was a mighty run of salmon last fall. With the additional fish in the river ,this should add up to some great fishing right into May. Hope to see all you dedicated fishermen there! I'll be posting again to let our readers see the results of the first few days of fishing.Until then,tight lines and Good Luck!

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