Saturday, September 22, 2007

Young guns of Autumn

It's the time of year again when Kenney and I mentor a small group of boys taking advantage of Waterfowl Heritage Day .This special day takes place each year on the second Saturday of September to encourage young hunters to get out and hunt ducks and geese under supervision of experienced hunters.This is a great way to introduce young hunters to the thrill of waterfowling and everything that goes along with this sport. The boys are hunting young ,undisturbed birds that provide excellent shooting opportunities. This year was no exception! The boy's we had out were from the Miramichi area and travelled to our area for the day's hunt and had a great time! They all managed to connect on some duck's and got to hunt and watch some good dog work under very trying conditions. It poured cat's and dogs almost all day! This made for some good shooting,but certainly tested the intestinal fortitude of the boy's and I'm pleased to say they passed with flying colors! We didn't get too serious about the hunt because it's supposed to be fun for these beginning hunters and also for the mentors.But at the same time we wanted the boy's to understand that sometimes the worst of conditions provide the best hunting opportunities when hunting waterfowl. So when we felt it was getting a little hard to take,we packed it in and headed back to camp for a nice hot meal and a good rest. The boy's sure appreciated that! Kenney prepared a great meal of roasted hind of a young bear he took this past spring along with all the trimmings.It must have been good because Jamie U. complained that when he got to the table there wasn't much left.You see Jamie is a young and growing boy and it takes a good meal to keep him sharp and going strong! Anyhow,we managed to get them all filled up and they all complimented Ken on his culinary skills. I would encourage ALL experienced hunter's and fishermen to take the time to help any youngster's along in their pursuit of the sporting life because,as they say,There's no life like it!


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