Saturday, July 21, 2007

Red Letter Day's!

The fishing has been nothing short of fantastic the last couple of days! Jamie U. had a couple of days off and gave me a call wanting to get some white perch to do up in fillets for a fry. I told him that the spawning run had already taken place,but I thought we might be able to find some stragglers at the mouth of Salmon Creek. Boy,did we ever find them! We started out fishing pickerel and we switched over to the white perch after landing twenty-two nice pickerel.The pickerel were all average size,18-22 inches. We got three over 20 inches.Then we started fishing for white perch and it was non-stop action for about two hrs. We ended up with seventeen beautiful jumbo white perch! It was a super morning of fishing and I always enjoy a trip on the water with my good friend Jamie. Oh,and by the way, the fillets were delicious!. The next morning,my good friend George P. and I were off to the Dungarvon River for some salmon fishing. We didn't have any luck there,so we went back to a pool on the main South-west Miramichi and I got lucky and landed a beautiful 5lb. grilse.What a great day we had fishing and chatting with other fishermen from around the province! The salmon fishing is really starting to heat up the last couple of weeks.We watched Mike B. land a nice grilse early in the day.Mike was really happy to finally land one as he had hooked six and lost them all in the previous week of fishing. It just proves that you have to be persistant to catch an Atlantic salmon! We can guarantee catching just about all our native species except Atlantic Salmon.These fish are the great equallizers.No amount of money can guarantee you will catch a salmon,but we can certainly put you over fish and that is half the battle! So give us a call or send an e-mail for more info. on how to get out on the water for some great fishing in beautiful New Brunswick!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Cycle of Life

Summer has officially arrived and the weather has been very pleasant,with a nice mix of sun with enough rain to keep everything a nice deep green. The summer runs of salmon have now begun to enter the Miramichi River system after a delay of two or three weeks.Apparently this was caused by colder than normal water in the ocean,Anyway,the good news is they have arrived. This event follows a run of sea -trout that doubled the numbers of last year at most counting stations.We have been seeing many ducks and grouse with both species showing large broods indicating good nesting conditions this year. The moose and deer are starting to show up with their new-born young and the adults are starting to sport a nice new coat,as can be seen in the attached photo of a young bull moose.In a few days applicants of the annual moose draw will find out if they have been lucky or not.Keep your fingers crossed!So it looks like our summer season is off to a great start and we look forward to seeing you all out there in the Big Woods of central N.B.


    Spring has finally arrived here at home on Salmon River after what could be described as "a good winter" for this part of New...