Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fishing Burbot on Grand Lake

Now that's what we're talkin' about! Kenny with his nine lb. Burbot caught at Grand Lake off of Cox's Point. This fish was about thirty-two ins. long and Ken had his hands full getting him up the eight in. hole! Although this fish represents the upper limit in size for this species in Grand Lake,there are plenty of burbot in the three to five lb. range to be had.So get out there during those boring winter days and experience some of the great fishing to be had at Grand Lake

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kpet75 said...

hey what a great article, i never knew what a burbot was until i fished for them in Nicola lake in Merritt B.C.
i'm originally from lewis lake N.S, and have a cottage on grand lake outside of Chipman, and as a kid fished the lake and its tributeries. Then i read that burbot are in every province except N.S. the largest i caught out here was 14 lbs, great fish and good eating


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