Friday, May 25, 2007

Lots of Wildlife!

The past week has been a great time to be in New Brunswick's forests.We have been busy tending our bear baits and I squeezed in a fishing trip for brook trout on the Newcastle Stream.The fiddleheads were popping out and I got a limit of brookies for the pan.Nothing real big,just nice pan trout. We saw a sow and three cubs near one of our baits and we ran into a nice boar and a smaller bear at one of our other baits. One of our baits in Duffern was totally destroyed by what appears to be at least one large boar and one or two smaller bears. We are seeing lots of deer in our travels.We saw a nice otter at a beaverdam on the Harley Road while checking baits and the rabbits are everywhere on the roads. We had a pair of foxes and three kits move in next door and we have been having a great time watching them play and interact with a pair of Canada geese that are nesting nearby. It is really interesting to watch how predator and prey species react to each other. The fox and geese seem to have a real curiousity about each other and neither seems afraid or aggressive towards the other. The sea trout are moving up the Cains and Miramichi Rivers and we will be pursuing them in the coming weeks as well as hunting our bear baits. If any sports would like to go on an adventure in our great outdoors,just give us a call or e-mail us and we will make all the arrangements for your trip of a life-time! See you there!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lot's of game this year!

We have been busy placing bear baits out this past week and we have been seeing an impressive amount of game. I saw a beautiful sow and two yearlings while placing a bait out this past Tuesday and Kenney seen a monster on Wednesday while baiting the Duffern area. I was out for a tour of the lower Cains River on Wednesday and we saw three moose,one was a large bull,a few partridge,lots of rabbits and an impressive amount of deer tracks.The deer have made a real come-back the last few years because of the light snowfall we have had.All in all,our game numbers are quite high and that translates into high success rates. The annual moose draw is is open now for residents and non-residents alike,so get your name in there because the woods are crawling with moose,many of them being mature trophy bulls. Success rates are very high for those lucky enough to draw a tag,so keep your fingers crossed!This photo is one of a nice bear taken in North Forks several years ago by me.I took him in the fall and he had a nice pelt and was very good eating. This would be considered an average sized bear for our area.We have bears that are literally twice this size in our area and we expect to harvest one or two of the big boys this spring,so come on down for a hunt,you won't be disappointed!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Seasons in Transition

Things sure can change fast when the weather goes from below normal temperatures to way above normal!That's just what happened this past week. With temperatures soaring into the high 20's,the salmon started backing down the river in a hurry,while the sea-trout started their annual journey up river. The large salmon still left in the upper regions of the river are getting VERY fussy about what they are hitting,but the up-side to all this is the really nice trout being caught. The large sea-trout are just passing through the Blackville area and will slowly make their way up river over the next few weeks. As the spring salmon fishing slowly fades for another year,we are out in the bush placing our bear baits as the bruins start to roam about and eat a bit. We have our eye on a couple that are way over 300lbs. and we are hoping some of our sports are lucky enough to take at least one of these monsters! We will be giving updates on a regular basis,so keep posted. With the trout fishing coming on fast and the bear hunting just around the corner,we are going to be busy for the next few weeks. The photo I've posted is one of Billie Fairley of Boistown landing a grilse at Bighole Brook.Billie has fished the Miramichi and Nashwaak rivers all his life and is a darned good fisherman! Just don't tell him I said that!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Great Fishing on the Miramichi

This week has seen some great fishing action on most stretches of the Miramichi River for those hardy enough to brave the elements! When you see the local guides out fishing in the evening after spending a day on the river with the Sports,you know it's good fishing! This isn't to say you will catch one on every cast,because we're talking Atlantic Salmon here,but if you fish hard and put some time in,your efforts will be rewarded. The wind started to blow on Thursday, but we still managed to catch a 30" salmon and a beautiful grilse before I drove a hook into my cheek trying to cast in the heavy wind and decided to call it a day. On Wednesday I caught a nice salmon and two grilse along with two small trout. Most of the Sports were hooking fish and landing anywhere from 2-3 per day up to 5-6 by casting short lines into shore and letting the fly swing around. Many of the guides are commenting on the numbers of large salmon being caught and this bodes well for the great Miramichi fishery. Wilson B. caught a beautiful trout at Nelson Hollow Wednesday morning.It was about 16" long. Wilson also had great luck on Tuesday at Sutter Pond having caught two large salmon and three grilse. The photo shows Glen D. with a fish he caught while we were out for a fish before supper time on Wednesday. The predictions are that the fishing is going to stay good for awhile because the fish aren't jumping yet and the weather is staying cool,so the fish are not moving out too quickly.So if you want to experience some great fishing, come on down to God's country and cast a line! You won't be sorry.


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