Tuesday, July 30, 2013


    We are fast approaching our final full month of summer and many are wondering what surprises August will bring in terms of weather. Sometimes we take Mother Nature for granted and when she doles out some bad weather we are taken by surprise. That means many times homeowners suffer personal damage to their property and danger to life and limb. This past month we received a real mix of weather ranging from lots of sun and heat and low water conditions to near spring high water and a sudden tornado ripping up through the Grand Lake system. This was a dangerous storm that could very well have caused casualties in its wake if it had struck any areas with a higher population. Luckily,the tornado tore through a rural area that didn't have a lot of people living there.
    After the storm passed,my sons girlfriend got a beautiful picture of the sky draped in brilliant colors.
 It's funny how something beautiful can come from such a dangerous and violent weather episode. I'm thankful the tornado touched down on the opposite side of the lake from where Curtis and Erica were swimming. This video clip was taken after the big rain we got. I think the total amount was around 85 mm.
     When we get a flood  on our stretch of river it ruins the fishing for several days because the river cannot run off as easily as it does on the Miramichi. Grand Lake holds the water back for much longer and we are usually waiting patiently for it to subside. I had a couple of video clips to post but I'm having computer problems so they will have to wait. Ken and I are taking some time to relax and smell the roses this month because of the bad weather so this is going to be a short post and hopefully I can get this computer problem cleared up. Look for a more detailed report next time.
    This is Dale Bauer saying "Happy Trails to You.....Until we meet again!"


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