Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Monster Big Woods Bucks

In a previous post during the bear hunt last spring,I said Kenny Hargrove has large hands when I took a picture of one of the large bear tracks at one of our baits.In this post I've used Kenny again to illustrate just how big some of the bucks in our hunting area are. Kenny and I decided to check out a new cut by a local timber company in hopes of getting some good photos and video tape and we wern't disappointed.This new cut is approximately 5 Kms. from Pioneer Lodge. It's actually comprised of two cuts about 3Kms. apart. We knew there were some good bucks in the area,but we were quite suprised at both the numbers of deer and the amount of buck sign.We saw about 35-40 deer at the first cut and managed to get some good video of a very large buck.This guy didn't have his horns,but we new instantly what we were looking at just by the sheer size of this deer.Although this one deer stood out from the rest,we could tell from the tracks that there was at least two or three more bucks in this area that would dress out over 200 lbs. All the deer seemed to be in good shape so far this winter. We think the deer at this cut are coming from an area of about 4-5 Sq.Kms. When we went to the other cut about 3 kms.away,there was a whole new bunch of deer using that area,including another absolute brute of a deer.The photo on this post is one of this deers track.Deer of this size are in a league all of their own.Ken and I both agreed that this deer and one other were in the 250+lbs. class. Until you get up close and personal with one of these deer,you can't really appreciate their size. We are hoping the weather will remain moderate for the rest of the winter and if it does,we should have a terrific 2008 deer season.Any sports wanting to get in on some of this action,just call or e-mail and we'll set you up on the trail of one of these big NB bucks!


    Spring has finally arrived here at home on Salmon River after what could be described as "a good winter" for this part of New...