Friday, March 30, 2007

get ready for spring salmon!

Spring is here! All the ice shacks have been hauled off of the lake and are all put away until next year. It was a great year of ice fishing on Grand Lake by all accounts.The only down side was the cancellation of the tournament due to a lack of ice.This move was a bit premature,but better safe than sorry. We are now busy getting our boats and motors ready for the opener on April 15 and we are anticipating some fantastic fishing. There were about 6600 more fish in the system than the previous year and I can personnally attest to the fact there was a large amount of salmon in the SW Miramichi last fall. I hooked 12 and landed 10 the first day last year and I expect to do at least that well this year! We will be guiding from the 16th of April on ,so all of you fishermen had better get ready to hit the water,because you don't want to miss what will be the best season in recent memory! I'll see you there!

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