Friday, May 4, 2007

Great Fishing on the Miramichi

This week has seen some great fishing action on most stretches of the Miramichi River for those hardy enough to brave the elements! When you see the local guides out fishing in the evening after spending a day on the river with the Sports,you know it's good fishing! This isn't to say you will catch one on every cast,because we're talking Atlantic Salmon here,but if you fish hard and put some time in,your efforts will be rewarded. The wind started to blow on Thursday, but we still managed to catch a 30" salmon and a beautiful grilse before I drove a hook into my cheek trying to cast in the heavy wind and decided to call it a day. On Wednesday I caught a nice salmon and two grilse along with two small trout. Most of the Sports were hooking fish and landing anywhere from 2-3 per day up to 5-6 by casting short lines into shore and letting the fly swing around. Many of the guides are commenting on the numbers of large salmon being caught and this bodes well for the great Miramichi fishery. Wilson B. caught a beautiful trout at Nelson Hollow Wednesday morning.It was about 16" long. Wilson also had great luck on Tuesday at Sutter Pond having caught two large salmon and three grilse. The photo shows Glen D. with a fish he caught while we were out for a fish before supper time on Wednesday. The predictions are that the fishing is going to stay good for awhile because the fish aren't jumping yet and the weather is staying cool,so the fish are not moving out too quickly.So if you want to experience some great fishing, come on down to God's country and cast a line! You won't be sorry.

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