Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dog Day's of Summer!

Even though we are into the dog days of summer,there is still some good fishing to be had! As the water is slowly falling to summer low,the pickerel fishing is actually getting better. This is because the habitat is shrinking and the fish are congregating in the best spots for feeding and protection.This all adds up to some terrific fishing for pickerel and perch in the lower reaches of Salmon River.Most of the pickerel caught by us and our guests will average over 20 in. We have caught them up to 26 in. at this time of year when the conditions are right. The Salmon fishing on most of our rivers has been quite good for this time of year.We had enough rain to keep fresh fish moving into the system this summer and the temperature has been cool enough to keep the fish in the taking mood. The brook trout are holding in front of the spring brooks and some good fishing can be had for those anglers looking for some nice brookies for the pan or for fun. We have been seeing some really nice white-tail bucks in our travels.I saw two bucks in different locations that were both 24 in. wide with good mass. Needless to say, we will be setting up for these bucks this fall! Many moose hunters have been out scouting for a good spot for their hunt next month. With our moose numbers being up,you could almost step into the woods anywhere in your selected zone and be into moose.We are predicting a record kill if the weather co-operates! The duck and geese numbers are good this year.As a matter of fact,the goose numbers are so good the DNR has implemented an early goose hunt in fields only.This should make for some great shooting for those hunters lucky enough to have access to some good fields! If any readers want to take advantage of the good fishing or book prime time for those big bucks,just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will hook you up for an outdoor adventure you will remember for a lifetime!

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