Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Salmon are Co-operating!

It has been really hot the last few day's,so we have been doing our salmon fishing very early in the morning and finishing early in the day.The salmon have been active from day-break until around lunch-time.Then it starts to warm the water up and the fishing gets tough.I managed to land a nice little grilse yesterday after a few days of rolling them and watching them jump all around us.Today I rolled a salmon twice on two casts,then rolled a grilse that also refused to take the fly. Tomorrow we will be fishing smaller flies,hoping to entice a fish into taking.If that doesn't work,I'm going to try some Bombers fished dry. The photo in this short post is of me with my grilse on the main SW Miramichi above Doaktown. Hope to have some more photos to follow soon.Until next time,Tight Lines!

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