Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Fish are Running!

This past week there has been lots of fishing action on the rivers in this area. Salmon River and Gaspereau River have seen a nice run of brook trout and the shad and white perch are at the peak of their run up the Salmon River.On the Miramichi River,the sea-trout are starting to run and the Rocky Brook salmon are being hooked below Doaktown by some of the guides,who are fishing while waiting for the main runs to enter the river. Jamie and friend Randy-Michael were out for a couple of evenings this past week and limited out both nights. The white perch in Salmon River will school up at the mouth of the brooks and in the deep holes and the boys took full advantage of this fact.All their fish were of an average size,just right for some tasty fillets. Ken and I took two young lads from Brigg's Corner into the mouth of Pleasant Brook for a day's fish for brookies and the boy's did quite well,catching a limit of nice sized brookies for the pan. The boy's really enjoyed themselves,even though it's quite a hike in to the mouth of the brook. I took the fly rod and hooked and released about a dozen trout,while the boy's used spinning gear and worms to catch their fish. The flies are especially bad this year. Some of the old-timers say this is because of all the high water we had this year.Bug jackets or head nets are recommended if you are fishing or hunting this time of the year. The fishing is hot right now,so get out there and get in on this great fishing! Oh,and by the way,take a kid with you when you go on your adventure.Someday he or she will thank you for it.

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