Saturday, May 31, 2008

Double Header on Bear!

Jamie and Kenny decided to try and take a bear this spring and they both managed to get their game early in the season and at about the same time. We have one bait site that has been hit by several bears and it has been quite a chore just keeping the site baited. The bear track in the previous post was taken at this site and it was of a very large bear. The bear that Kenny took over this bait is not the bear that made this track,but Ken's bear would still be considered a nice spring bear. Jamie had not killed a bear before and just wanted to take a bear,any bear. Jamie got his bear about a quarter mile from the bait site in a clover field about the same time Ken killed his. Although Jamie's bear is a small bear,it was his first and he was happy to get it. The boy's had a small celebration after the hunt and with the help of some friends ,including a couple of college age girls,they managed to nearly eat one of the bears before the skinning was done! These guy's do a great job doing up their meat and all hands agreed that the meat was fantastic. Although Ken and Jamie like taking large animals as well as anyone,they were raised up as meat hunters and they will gladly take a good eating animal when the opportunity arises. A young bear makes for some good eating,being similar in taste to pork ,but with a little gamier taste. Many times it is the handling of the game that makes the difference when it comes time to eat and Ken is an expert at handling game after the kill. I have never had a bad piece of meat that was handled by Ken and I don't expect I ever will. We still have some monster black bear hitting some of our sites,but you have to be patient with these bigger,more mature animals.They are just a little spookier than their younger counterparts,but sooner or later they will make a mistake. The boy's also got some nice brook trout and had some great fishing for white perch that have been running in Salmon River. Jamie and Randy Micheal both got their limit two nights in a row.If you have never had white perch fillets,you don't know what you are missing! They are absolutely delicious! I will post some photos of their fishing success in the next post. Ken and I are continually scouting for big Northwoods bucks and there are lots of them around from what we have been seeing this spring. Some hunters were concerned about the large snow pack we had this year,but Ken and I are happy to report that many of the big bucks in our hunting areas have survived the winter and are in good shape. I had predicted that the larger animals would fare better than the younger ones and this has proven to be true from our observations. So the outlook for all outdoor activities in south-central New Brunswick is very positive and I would encourage anyone looking for a good day or week in the bush or on the water to give me a call or send me an e-mail and Ken and I will get you out there and on the game!

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